Design and creative matters are the focus of my blog, with posts covering a wide spectrum of topics, such as art, branding, illustration, inspiration, photography, technology, typography – with the main focus being logo design.

There's a mix of creative sightings I've discovered and want to share, and my own thoughts and advice on design matters.

Creative Sightings 10

Lions made from electrical cables, material covered type, celebrity caricatures, and gadgets with human anatomies – all in this edition of Creative Sightings.

Flickr’s vanishing whitespace

Excuse me while I have a little rant about the changes Flickr made to their site, which although are an improvement in certain respects, feels like a step backwards in others – let me explain why.


Logobook is a compilation of over 7,000 logos, from Ludovic Houplain, co-director of the 2009 Academy Award-winning animated short Logorama.