Creative Sightings 10

Lions made from electrical cables, material covered type, celebrity caricatures, and gadgets with human anatomies – all in this edition of Creative Sightings.

Celebrity Caricatures

A series of caricatures of famous people by Russian illustrator and painter Viktor Miller-Gausa, who had never drawn ‘cartoons’ until challenged by a friend.


Scarlett Johansson caricature by Viktor Miller-Gausa.


Jack Nicholson caricature by Viktor Miller-Gausa.


John Malkovich caricature by Viktor Miller-Gausa.

Type of Material

Txaber is a Spanish graphic designer whose work has a strong typographic focus, especially in 3D form.


SPF Denim type by Txaber.


Cloth Type by Txaber.


London Globe type by Txaber.

Anatomy of Gadgets

A collection of illustrations by Mads Peitersen titled Art Meats Technology, which depicts the inside of various gadgets as being near human, to represent how these devices almost seems alive.


PS3 Anatomies by Mads Peitersen.


iPhone Anatomy by Mads Peitersen.

Wired World

Charis Tsevis is an award winning visual designer living and working in Athens, Greece. Much of his work consists of images, that when examined in detail, are formed from other items. This can be seen in the illustrations below, which are made up of various cables and wires, which aim to show the relationship between us as humans and the technological networks we rely on in our daily lives.


Does the internet make you smarter by Charis Tsevis.


The Conquering Lion by Charis Tsevis.


The Conquering Lion by Charis Tsevis.

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About the author

Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.