Creative Sightings 6

Sightings of a very creative nature this month include a cute little printer, animated comic covers, stylish beer bottle labels, first issue cover artwork of famous magazines, shaking dogs photographed, and a bird swinging in a zebra.

Little Printer

Little Printer is a fun product from BERG Cloud, which unsurprisingly is a little printer, though what makes this different is that it outputs custom mini-newspapers. Using your smart phone, you get to subscribe to the type of content you want to read and Little Printer does the rest – sounds rather neat!

Stylish beer bottle labels

Cervecería Sagrada and Kirin beer bottle labels

Cervecería Sagrada and Kirin beer bottle labels.

Nacho Diaz

Spanish illustrator Nacho Diaz has produced a sizeable amount of these brilliant illustrations, which are humorous and often quirky too.

An illustration of a zebra with a bird swinging inside its body.

Caged by Nacho Diaz.

An illustration of Kermit the frog facedown on a pillow, next to a hand holding a lit cigarette.

Crazy Night by Nacho Diaz.

An illustration of a tv set with a face on the screen. The face is wearing glasses and reading a book.

Looking for Inspiration by Nacho Diaz.

The Muppabet

Designer and illustrator David Vordtriede set himself a creative exercise of drawing 26 Muppet portraits which correspond to each letter of the alphabet, which he named The Muppabet. The end result is a wonderful series of images, beautifully coloured.

Illustration of characters from <cite><noscript><img src=

The Muppabet by David Vordtriede.

Pen Blow

Ball Point Pen Paintings by artist and writer Shane McAdams is a series of visually striking artwork, which as the name suggests, was created using ball point pens along with resin.

Colourful artwork using ink and resin to make wonderful patterns.

Pen Blow images by Shane McAdams.

Amtrak onboard Wi-Fi Ads

A simple but effective advertising campaign for US train company Amtrak, to show that they now offer free wi-fi on several of their East Coast routes. The work was done by agency Arnold Worldwide, with creative direction from Mick Sutter and illustrations by Andrew Bannecker.

Amtrakconnect onboard wi-fi adverts

Amtrakconnect onboard wi-fi adverts.

Shake for the camera

Shake is an hilarious series of photographs by Carli Davidson Photography featuring dogs and other pets having a good old shake. The strange expressions frozen in time by the camera are just priceless.

A close-up photo of a border colly shaking water off.

Shake 4 image by Carli Davidson Photography.

A close-up photo of a dog shaking water off.

Shake 7 image by Carli Davidson Photography.

Animated Comic Covers

I love this idea by Kerry Callen, to animate various famous comic book covers – brilliant!

Animated comic cover showing a flash of lightening and Batman jumping across.

Batman, The Dark Knight Returns animated comic cover by Kerry Callen.

Famous first covers

Flavorwire takes an interesting look back at the cover artwork used by famous magazines for their first issue – how times have changed!

'New York' magazine cover first issue
'Vogue' magazine cover first issue
'Time' magazine cover first issue

And Finally…

That’s it for this issue of Creative Sightings, look out for next months issue, and don’t forget you can drop me a message if you want to suggest a sighting – just leave the link and your details if you want a mention.

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