Creative Sightings 7

Stormtroopers as Marvel comic characters, graffiti covered WWII aircraft, stunning sci-fi concept art, old black & white photos made colour, comical Star Wars prints, ghosts recreating the pottery scene fromGhost and more!

Marvel Comics inspired Stormtroopers

Star Wars and Marvel collide in this eye-catching mashup by artist Jon Bolerjack, who has created a stormtrooper as a template to customise as various characters from the Marvel universe.

'Stormtrooper Captain America
'Stormtrooper Venom

Graffiti Covered Old Military Planes

Round Trip: Art from the Boneyard is an art project running at Pima Air & Space Museum, which consists of old WWII aircraft that have been painted by various contemporary artists.

Aircraft with graffiti to look like an eagle and sculls.

Untitled by Nunca.

Aircraft with graffiti in black of circle, squares and crosses.

Warning Shot by Retna.

Aircraft with graffiti in black, red and blue of circular patterns and a prancing horse.

Flying Tiger by Andrew Schoultz.


Swissted is a cool ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, where he’s taken loads of vintage punk, hardcore and indie rock show flyers and redesigned them as international typographic style posters set lowercase in Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Medium.

'Alice in Chains' poster by Mike Joyce
'Iggy Pop' poster by Mike Joyce
'Public Image Ltd' poster by Mike Joyce

Drive ‘Hammer’ Poster

Great unofficial poster design for the movieDrive by Mike Horowitz.

Illustration of a car in a parking lot, made to resemble a hammer.

Loves Doves

Stunning paper illustration by Yulia Brodskaya, a Russian born creative, now living in the UK.

Paper art of an elderly man surrounded by doves.

Loves Doves by Yulia Brodskaya.

Famous Black & White Photos Made Colour

Great examples of colourisation by Sanna Dullaway, who runs a business restoring and colourising old black and white photographs.

Abraham Lincoln colourised photo

Abraham Lincoln colourised photo.

Charles Darwin colourised photo

Charles Darwin colourised photo.

Theodore Roosevelt colourised photo

Theodore Roosevelt colourised photo.

One Hour Per Second Animation

Mind-blowing statistics in this cute animated infographic by Punk & Butler, with illustrations by Brooklyn-based artist Alex Eben Meyer.

One Hour Per Second animation by Punk & Butler.

Minimalist Public Transport Map Prints

A stylish series of minimalist city underground/metro/subway prints from Lineposters, which are available to buy on Etsy.

minimalist London underground map print
minimalist New York subway map print
minimalist Berlin underground map print

Illuminated Cathedral

As part of the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium, the Luminarie De Cagna is a cathedral-like structure covered in 55,000 LED lights, which looks simply stunning.

Luminarie De Gagna

Comical Star Wars Trilogy Prints

A wonderful series of Star Wars poster prints by designer / illustrator Christopher Lee. His style of illustration really appeals to me and the execution is first rate.

'Star Wars' print by Christopher Lee
'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' print by Christopher Lee
'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi' print by Christopher Lee

Pringles Premium Packaging

Classy packaging concept for a premium range of Pringles by Niklas Hessman, a student studying packaging design in Sweden.

Pringles Premium by Niklas Hessman
Pringles Premium by Niklas Hessman

Ghosts recreating ‘Ghost’ pottery scene

These paintings by Scott Campbell really did make me chuckle. He has taken various well known ghosts and used them to recreate the famous pottery scene from the movieGhost – brilliant!

Ghost Busters pottery scene
Space Ghost pottery scene

Sci-Fi Concept Art

Visually striking artwork by artist / illustrator Kait Kybarl – his concepts and level of detail is incredible.

Concept art by Kait Kybar
Concept art by Kait Kybar
Concept art by Kait Kybar

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