Famous logos designed in 1973

On this day 37 years ago I was born, so I thought it would be a nice idea to look back at famous logos that were also created in the same year I was.

Below are a few logos I have found that appear to have been created in 1973. I’ve only gone by information I’ve found online so there’s a chance the dates could be wrong. I was hoping to find one that was first unveiled on my actual birthday but have not been successful.

'KISS' logo

‘KISS’ logo designed by the band’s guitarist, Ace Frehley.

'The Catholic Church's Archdiocesan Youth Commission' logo

‘The Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission’ logo.

I did see the iconic ‘I heart NY’ logo credited on several websites as designed in 1973, however others have it down as 1975 which I believe is the correct date. That would have been a good logo to represent my birth year, sadly I’m left with the ‘Kiss’ logo and ‘The Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission’ logo. The latter being an unfortunate design, especially in recent years.

It was fun searching for logos designed in the year I was born. I did expect to find a site dedicated to displaying logos by the year they were created, however there wasn’t one (at least not one I could find!).

Viewing logos chronologically would be good for seeing changes in styles, and I think others would be interested to see which logo ‘represents’ their year of birth. So if you want to take the idea and create one, go ahead, just don’t forget to credit me with the idea! And if you know of any other famous logos created in 1973 (not just updated that year), please let me know and I can add them.

About the author

Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.