My favourite movie posters

It’s that time again, when end of year reviews take place. After seeing one the other day involving the best movie posters of 2010, it got me thinking about which movie posters stood out for me this year.

However, whilst thinking about those I couldn’t help but picture all the ones I’ve seen throughout my life that have left a positive impression on me. So I’ve decided to include those posters, as well as some I found engaging this year, and combined them all in the visual feast you will find below.

The posters I’ve selected are in no particular order, as I don’t think of one being better than another, because they all appeal to me for different reasons. Some are visually striking, or beautifully illustrated, while others use typography wonderfully, or rely on a clever concept, though often it’s a combination of all of these.

I should point out that several of my chosen posters are for films that are special to me, such as Superman, which evokes such strong emotions within me, therefore most certainly effects how I view the poster. I make no apology for this, I’m not touting this collection as the best film posters ever created, they are just a selection of my favourites. Enjoy!

'Black Swan movie posters
'Vertigo and Buried movie posters
'Buried movie posters
'The Omen and Star Wars Episode 1 movie posters
'Full Metal Jacket and The Expendables movie posters
Jaws and Apocalypse Now movie posters
'The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Silence of the Lambs movie posters
Empire of the Sun and Moon movie posters
E.T. and District 9 movie posters
Scarface and Friday the 13th movie posters
Donnie Darko and Identity movie posters
'Metropolis and Superman movie posters

I hope you did enjoy my little selection, I actually left many more out as I didn’t want anyone having an overload of their optic nerves. And even if you couldn’t appreciate my selection, hopefully it’s given you a further insight into me, my likes and even possibly examples that have influenced my approach to design.

Also, you may have noticed a few similarities in design elements, between some of the posters. This was purely by coincidence on my part, as I had chosen all of the movie posters before noticing this. However, the pairings I made were intentional.

About the author

Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.