Happy Halloween

Just a quick post to wish everyone a “Happy Halloween”. I do enjoy this time of year, along with the witches, ghosts and ghouls, I think my love of horror films growing up accounts for this.

As you’re probably aware if you follow this blog, I’m enjoy taking photos in my spare time, so to commemorate Halloween this year I decided to carve a pumpkin so I could photograph it. The two best resulting shots I posted onto my Flickr account and I’ve also included them below for you to see.

The first was a simple black and white shot in the daytime, which I wanted to have an eerie feel. The second was a bit more technical, setting up lights in the background for a bokeh effect, as well as setting the pumpkin alight to capture the dancing flames.

The Morning After

The Morning After by Paul Galbraith.

Flamin' Pumpkin

Flamin’ Pumpkin by Paul Galbraith.

I’m quite pleased with both shots, I did manage to achieve the look I was going for in each case and they both seemed to go down well with other Flickr users. However, I’m really looking forward to next year as I have more ideas I can’t wait to try out.

About the author

Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.