When it comes to animation, Logorama has got to be one of my all time favourites, mainly due to its wonderful use of logos.

The sixteen minute film is best summed up by the line used on its advertising poster:

Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city and even more will have you at the edge of your seat.

Logorama was created by H5, a French design firm who were well known for producing commercials and music videos. Released in 2009, it went on to win several awards, including an Oscar the following year for Best Animated Short Film. It was directed by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain, who were part of the film’s talented cast and crew.

Logorama Title
Logorama Aerial View
Logorama Michelin Men
Logorama KFC
Logorama Jolly Green Giant
Logorama Ronald McDonald takes Big Boy hostage
Logorama The North Face

A selection of stills from Logorama.

What I find so enjoyable about this film is the witty, action packed story, accompanied by a great soundtrack. It’s claimed, though I’ve not counted to confirm, that over two and a half thousand logotypes were used throughout the film. The clever ways in which they were used is much of the fun, though with so much going on repeat viewings are definitely recommended to catch all of the clever little touches.

The movie as a whole says so much about our reliance on corporate brands and how they fill every aspect of our daily lives, it’s almost impossible to look anywhere without seeing a product or connection to one. The film also demonstrates the value of logo recognition, and the associations we make between a simple logo and the brand it represents.

If you’re interested in owning a copy of the film, it’s available to buy from iTunes for a great price; consider getting the HD version if you intend to watch on a large screen. Although the film has been out for a while now, for anyone that did miss it back then it’s well worth taking a look now.

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Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.