Logos created from CSS

The limits of what can be created using CSS seems to be increasing all the time, so when I saw a variety of popular brand logos made entirely from CSS I wasn’t that surprised, but I was really impressed with how they were achieved.

If you take a look at the CSS logos site, you will see a fair amount of CSS is required to produce these logos, though that’s understandable when you see the end results, which are almost identical in appearance to the original brand marks.

I’m not sure if there would be any real benefit in using this technique over a traditional image file, plus there’s the issue of browser incompatibility to deal with, though it will be interesting to see how this might all develop in the future.

Twitter logo, created with CSS
Nike logo, created with CSS
Pepsi logo, created with CSS
BP logo, created with CSS
Adidas Originals logo, created with CSS
Adobe logo, created with CSS

About the author

Paul Galbraith is a logo and brand identity designer, working with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and beyond.