A wide range of creative matters are covered, focusing on all aspects of design, particularly logo design – with a mix of creative sightings I've discovered and want to share, and my own thoughts and advice on design.

Image for Word as Image

Word as Image

Word as Image by Ji Lee is a project where he took a word, and using only the letters in that word, formed an image to represent said word.

Image for Creative Sightings 7

Creative Sightings 7

Stormtroopers as Marvel comic characters, graffiti covered WWII aircraft, comical Star Wars prints, ghosts recreating the pottery scene from Ghost and more!

Image for 8-Bit Movie Posters

8-Bit Movie Posters

8-bit movie posters by graphic designer Eric Palmer. The series of posters have a great nostalgic feel and are just so damn cute, what’s not to like.

Image for The Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt

Over 200 special eggs have been hidden across the streets of London this Easter, follow clues to find each one, then text to be entered into a prize draw.