Thank you Steve

As someone who uses and loves Apple products, and has followed the company over the years, through its troubled period, followed by its impressive rise to where it is today, I was saddened by the news earlier this week that Steve Jobs had died.

Steve Jobs is seen as a massive inspiration to many people, including myself, and his vision, drive and focus is what helped shape Apple into the company that has created so many successful products over the years, such as the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. He was a fantastic leader with such presence and enthusiasm for what he did, which really came across when he spoke – audiences couldn’t help but respond positively.

Since his death many people have wanted to express how much they thought of Steve and what he had achieved, these outpourings came in written and artistic forms. I personally don’t tend to create tribute artwork as I don’t always feel it’s appropriate, however, seeing that Apple fans have always created and shared online anything and everything Apple related, such as redesigning the iTunes logo or preempting new iPhone designs, it does seem quite fitting that people should mark his death in this way. So with that said I wanted to showcase a few images I’ve seen online that I felt captured this sad occasion.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 by Apple

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 tribute image as used on the homepage following his death.

Retro Sad Mac image by Hiroshi

Retro Sad Mac tribute image by Hiroshi.

iSad image by Kutan Ural

iSad tribute image by Kutan Ural.

Steven Paul Jobs tribute image by Dylan Roscover

Steven Paul Jobs tribute image by Dylan Roscover.

Thanks Steve tribute image by Jonathan Mak

Thanks Steve tribute image by Jonathan Mak.

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